Ariel: Ugh. You mean I'm actually gonna have to get all dressed up? And put on makeup?! Ugh.
Ariel: I know I know. Just had to reinforce it in case you were planning on being an ass and pretending you didn't remember or something :P
Ariel: I win either way, love. <3
Peter: yes get all dolled up for me
Peter: me? An ass? Are we talking about the same Peter Matthews I am a sweetheart
Peter: when don't you win Ariel?
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Austin: I'd love it if I wasn't in the car, trying to concentrate so I can come get you, darlin hah You know that.
Austin: You're also teeny tiny, Val. A kick in the balls might not actually reach all the way to his balls
Austin: Exactly. And you could tell in that text
Austin: No. No no no. I'm coming to get you. Don't walk home on your own. Too dangerous.
Valerie: I am not usually this dirty blame the tequila or....wait the wine or maybe the rum Lord why did Dylan let me mix things
Valerie: I'll have you know I am 5'6 and 5'7 seven when my hair is curled that isn't teeny tiny I am a giant almost
Valerie: but I am already walking it really isn't dangerous I am fine
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Just know if you come through my speedy checkout for 20 items or less and you have 25 I am judging on a spiritual level and questioning your morals

Ariel: Ohmygosh no. I'd feel guilty. Don't spend crazy money on me. I'm good with easy burgers or something. I'm a cheap date love haha
Ariel: Ugh. That sounds so good. Nothing scary though please!
Ariel: Sooo... which side is winning out now?
Peter: shhh baby it is worth it I promise I already have a place in mind
Peter: of course not I know you don't like them
Peter: the side that makes you win
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Austin: Oh lord. Save it for the bedroom, Val, will ya?
Austin: I'm not nervous about him stealing you from me, crazy girl! I'm nevous about him making a move on you that is entirely unwelcome, ok?!
Austin: Reread that darlin haha you make no sense there
Austin: Ok. I'm on my way.
Valerie: I will stop I am sorry I didn't mean to get to dirty for you
Valerie: he can't and won't even when intoxicated. I am tough if he tried something I will kick him in the balls
Valerie: I can't reread it my head hurts I will do that when I can see straight
Valerie: but I am like 4 blocks from your house I can meet you there
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Ariel: I'm not picky, Peter. I'd be happy with just about anything (:
Ariel: After preferably? After I eat I'm always particularly snuggly haha
Ariel: That's probably a good thing. I get in trouble a lot so I'm glad I won't get punished too badly :P
Peter: fine I will pick a super fancy place okay? I will figure it out
Peter: okay we can red box a movie and snuggle in my bed
Peter: oh lord i don't want to spoil you or anything but then I do
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Austin: And you are so fucking drunk. You're gonna read these tomorrow and be so embarrassed.
Austin: Still makes me nervous, love. Dylan is a terrible influence hah. Even if I do love her. Now.
Austin: We snuggled last night weirdo! I'm on my way. What's the address?
Valerie: no I won't just looking at your handsome face and sexy body it makes me want you so I won't be embarrassed
Valerie: don't be nervous I love you handsome boy and no one can even compete with you. Shhhhhh Dylan is not before Dylan you wouldn't even like me in the least bit I was this shy awkward girl back then
Valerie: I know that was forever ago baby or it feels like it. Well I am walking on the sidewalk I got locked out of the house so I am on the corner first street and oak lane baby boy
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Ariel: You're supposed to say 'Alright babe I'll surprise you!' You suck at this hahaha :P Kidding babe. Wanna go see a movie? There's one that looks so good right now
Ariel: Too late! hahahaha
Ariel: You're a terrible punisher you know that?
Peter: sorry I am bad at that I don't want to pick a place and you hate it. What movie we can see it before or after whichever you prefer
Peter: rude rude you are rude Ma'am
Peter: yeah I have never been good at that ask anyone
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Austin: Well. If I knew these messages would get dirty I'd have been prepared and gone in the other room before I embarrassed myself.
Austin: Is that guy still there, Val? That makes me nervous. Guys are assholes. Please be careful until I come get you.
Austin: I'm leaving now. Like 20 minutes? Can't wait for SNUGGLE TIME hahaha
Valerie: sorry I didn't mean to get dirty you're just so fucking beautiful I can't help myself
Valerie: yes he is but he went upstairs with a red head and I am outside now so it is okay baby
Valerie: I can't wait either baby I feel like we haven't snuggled in twenty years
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